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About the Order of First Families of the Alabama Territory

The Order of the First Families of the Alabama Territory was founded in 2017 during the celebration years of the Alabama Bicentennial to celebrate the heritage and history of those brave souls who came to what is now Alabama before statehood on December 14, 1819 and for a number of charitable and educational purposes.


We seek to protect and preserve records pertaining to the early history of the Alabama Territory; the perpetuation of the memory of those early settlers of that part of the Mississippi and Alabama Territories that became Alabama; the publication and preservation of lineages of descendants of those first pioneer families; and the encouragement of historical research into the history of Alabama and its earliest families.  


Membership is by invitation, and is based upon carefully documented lineal descent from an individual who resided in what became Alabama, before statehood on December 14, 1819. 


We trust the website will introduce you to the Order and encourage your interest in the earliest history of Alabama families who helped create it. 


Donald Lee Christian, Jr.

President & Founder – Order of the First Families of the Alabama Territory

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