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Membership Qualifications

The Order of the First Families of the Alabama Territory is composed of, and limited to, individuals lineally descended from a person who was a resident of what became the State of Alabama on or before the 14th day of December 1819.  

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Membership in the Order is by invitation, following the recommendation of a current member of the FFAT to whom the prospective member is personally known.  Descent from a qualifying ancestor must be fully documented using standard genealogical proofs and are subject to the acceptance of the Order’s genealogist. Prospective members holding a Certificate from the Alabama Genealogical Society – First Families of Alabama program are required to submit their lineage with the AGS-FFA Certificate Number but are otherwise exempt from providing proofs.  

Interested in becoming a Member? Click Here to view the Prospective Member page, containing the Prospective Member form for you to view, print, complete, and return by mail. Note, this is NOT the application.  The Prospective Member Form allows us to learn a bit more about you, confirm that you have researched and are ready to prove your lineage, and that your ancestor was present in what is now Alabama before statehood on December 14, 1819. 

We have 84 Charter Members whose applications and proofs were approved before the Alabama bicentennial on December 14, 2019.  

Life Memberships are $400.00 and include a non-refundable genealogist fee.

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